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We are a group of passionate people working relentlessly to add value to the feed sector, to improve our communities from within and to protect and promote organic farming. We aspire to be the most sustainable agro company in Bangladesh and our team of experts is continuously innovating to help us get to our goal.

Story of way Agro & Sujala Feeds:

Way Agro started his business concern not only for business but for socio-economic development of the country. We are an extensively growing company in Bangladesh. Our promise for safe nutrition: sujala feed is substantial source of protein & nutrition in a household’s nutritional diet. To ensure health safety Way Agro look seriously in to the following components: Ingredient quality, Process Control, Finished feed quality and control of toxic substances including pathogenic micro-organisms. Defecate male nutrition Producing an excellent cost benefited feed, Sujala are sustaining solid growth without compromising profitability.

‘SUJALA’; is a very well-known and popular ‘Feed Brand’ with Farmers in Bangladesh for its dependable performance. Sinking & Floating Fish Feed, Cattle Feed and Poultry Feed are there in market named ‘SUJALA FEED’. All Sujala Feeds are fully free from any kinds of impurities. Sujala has tremendous positive impact to the farmer, for its best Food Conversion Ratio and reduce tore die farm management hazard and causality that they faced previously more. So the brand Sujala become the stake holder as their good friend.


To establish Way Agro as one of leading agro industry in Bangladesh to fulfill local and international  market demand supplying quality and healthy agro foods for healthy living.

To be recognized by the customers as the market leader for hi-tech product innovation, quality product supplier and superior service provider.

Sujala all the way

Sujala Fish feed is best conversion ratio to get the best result in a cost effective methods. Fish products represent a valuable source of protein, 150gmof fish provides around 50-60% of daily protein requirements for adults.

Sujala Poultry Feed (Broiler & Sonali) is a complete package of energy, balanced diet with vitamins & minerals and easily digestible and completely absorbable macro & micronutrients.

Sujala Cattle Feed is ideal for both Milking and fattening Cattle. The regular, consistent and moderate use of Sujala Cattle Feed will increase cattle productivity to 30%.

Board of Directors

Name Designation
Engr. Ismail Raihan
Mr. Nazmul Hossain
Managing Director
Mr. Sorwar Alam
Engr. Abu Sayed Bhuya

Factors for Green Firming:

  • Health Hazard Factors– Free from Coliform & Pathogen, Antibiotic, Heavy metal & Carcinogenic agent & Indigestible non-protein nitrogen.
  • Physical Quality Factors– Fresh & Bad smell free.
  • Production Factors– Assurance of pure bride, Prohibited use of antibiotics and pesticides, Organic sources of nutrients, Maturity of crops.
  • Nutritional Value Factors– Presence of lysine & theronine (essential amino acid) & HDL- High Density Lipoprotein, Balanced Minerals, Unsaturated Fatty Acid & Vitamin A, C & D
  • Environmental Factor– Soil & Water Standard, Conservation of Ecosystem & Biodiversity.

Guide lines are being followed to ensure Green Firming:

  • ISO 90001- Quality management
  • ISO 140001- Environmental management
  • ISO 22000- Food safety management
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Core competency:

  • Assurance to keep the products green from bride to Sale.  
  • Always assurance of safe nutrition to the consumers.
  • Profitability of business counterparts.
  • Skill, capacity & know how buildup of root level stakeholders

Future Plan

New addition, from 2018 Targeted New Business dimension
Broiler Birder Firm & Hatchery
Organic fertilizer
Fish Hatchery
Renewable energy (Biogas)
Cattle Birder Firm
Processed eco/green fish, meat, milk, fruit and vegetable
Leather & Leather products
Special Vegetable & Herbs
Organic restaurant
Special Fruits
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