Cattle Feeds

Sujala Cattle Feed is the nutrition supplement for both Milking and Meat Cattle. Balanced TDN (total digestible nutrients), and micro nutrients of Sujala Cattle Feed increase productivity of Cattle by hilling decay of their body. Regular, Consistent and Moderate use of Sujala Cattle Feed will increase productivity ±30% of Cattle

Dairy & Fattening

Sujala Cattle Feed is best because it is out of urea & with minimum salt. It is produced from locally collected raw-materials. It is easily digestive. Products are intensively tested for its balanced nutrition profile & hygiene ingredients. Proper farm management the production of milk will increasing about 30%.
  • Net Weight 25 kg.    
  • Moisture Not More Than 12%  
  • Crude Protin Not less Than 18%
  • Fat Not less Than 0.40%
  • Fiber Not More Than 09%  
  • TDN Not More than 68%
  • Calcium Not More Than 1.15%
  • Phosphorus Not less Than 0.40%